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910 W.  Ryan St.  Brillion, WI 54110

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Whether you're brand new to archery,  or have been an archer for years, we'll treat you just the same.  Young, old, male, female, there's plenty of room the in the archery field for everyone.

Underground Archery was founded by owner Todd Kuchenbecker.   With extra space attached to his existing business, Premier Auto, Todd decided to turn his love of archery into a business opportunity to share with the community.   The basement was being used as a recreational range for him and his daughters, which is when Todd decided to take it one step further and began planning a layout for an Archery Shop.    Since the range was underground,  Todd's wife Angie came up with the name Underground Archery, and it was the perfect fit for the new business.

Todd reached out to his good friend Andy Foytik to help manage the new shop.  Andy previously owned and operated his own archery shop, Broken Arrow in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  He carries years of archery experience both in the woods and in the shop.  Andy and Todd began to renovate the front of the building in March from pretty much the ground up.  By the middle of May, the vacant space was now a fully functioning archery shop.   Since Andy ran his own bow shop, he has the knowledge to get Underground Archery started off in the right direction.

Through a mutual friend, the last team member was brought on.  Kristen Rambo is the newest to the archery field with 5 years experience.  Even though she has only been hunting since 2011, Kristen has gained a lot of experience along the way.  Her goal for Underground Archery is to get more woman involved in the Archery industry.  She knows  firsthand how intimidating it can be trying to learn a sport dominated by men.   Kristen currently prostaffs for Just for Does, scent free salon quality scent control products, and Tactacam, the easiest way to Share Your Hunt with friends and family. 

Together Todd, Andy, and Kristen create a great team that have strong relationships in the hunting industry.  Each of them bring something to the table at Underground Archery. 

We take pride in bringing quality service and products to our customers.  Our focus is to make everyone feel comfortable when they walk in the door.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  We all started somewhere in the archery field.   So whether you want to take up archery for hunting or recreational purposes, we have you covered.